Logistics and storage

Different work activities in logistics and storage demand different solutions. In addition to our regular range of products, we can also adjust our machines in various ways so that they work precisely according to the required work activities.

Cargo transport, raising loads or maintenance in warehouses: Manlift offers a customized solution for every type of work activity. Depending on the nature of the work activity, the machine can be completely adjusted according to the customer’s request. If work should be carried out in between narrow pathways, Manlift supplies a narrower lift that can reach vertically. Using our special electrical machines, you are not bothered by exhaust fumes indoors.  An alternative is a diesel-propelled lift including a particulate filter.

If you have doubt about which machine offers the best solution, you can request a work survey. A Manlift staff member will assess the situation on site and will provide you with appropriate advice.

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